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Church Planting

Church-planting is the heartbeat of New Life Fellowship of Churches. The biblical pattern for this is most clearly seen in Acts 14:21-23. Following the command that Jesus gave to preach the gospel His disciples went from place to place preaching and bringing the lost to faith in Christ. The Great Commission was to make disciples out of these new believers. The apostles then nurtured these disciples, knit them together into a committed relationship with the Lord and with each other, trained leaders, and appointed elders in these churches.

Churches in New Life Fellowship own the vision of church planting and do so out of their own local church congregation, and at times in partnership with other NLF churches. There is no 'denominational office' from which church planting arises in NLF, as we see the local church as being the vehicle God has chosen for evangelism, making disciples, and church-planting, thereby multiplying churches throughout the earth.

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